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Allstar Competitive Cheerleading


Ages 4 and up, all levels of competitive cheer from beginner to elite, mini up to senior.  Our beginner teams compete against other beginner teams at various competitions; advanced against other advanced teams, etc.  No experience necessary for beginner teams!  School cheerleaders can participate on our Allstar teams as well!  Team placements are held in May however members are allowed to join year round at the coaches' discrection.

Participants are evaluated on motions, jumps, tumbling, and/or dance skills, then placed accordingly. Practice typically starts in June and continues through April. Competition season begins in November ending in April or May.

During November-May, teams will attend approximately 6 competitions, 4 locally and usually 2 out of state.  All competitions are usually held on the weekends (Saturday and/or Sunday and/or Monday for large national and worlds competitions). 

The all-star teams require team work, commitment, and dedication. 

Each team, regardless of level or age, practice a total of three hours per week.  Two Practices total - One and a half hours practices during the week and/or two hours on Sunday for our older teams.  We have a separate schedule for the summer, both are held on weeknights, with no weekends.

Allstar cheerleading is the best way to improve tremendously on your cheerleading skills and at the same time you will meet lots of new friends, have tons of fun, develop great self-confidence, learn the skills and get the experience to almost guarantee you a spot on your school cheerleading squads as well as become collegiate cheerleaders, and learn great values that will last you a lifetime!!   And the competitions are the best part!! Don't miss out on the fun anymore!  Come by today to watch our allstar teams in action and see what it's all about!

We offer all-star PREP TEAMS!  These are beginner competitive teams that will not travel and are made to be a "stepping stone" between our show teams/non-competitive teams and our regular competition teams!  The prep teams will not travel to out of state competitions (with the exception of possibly Biloxi, MS),  and most likely will be offered in mini and youth level 1 only (ages 4-11).

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